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plunk plunk plunk


An aesthetic website with useful tools and easter eggs. Made in collaboration with VodaJeMokra.


We needed a place where we could get crazy with CSS and JavaScript. The tools we made are ones we use almost everyday and some of them are used by people and communities we share them with.


You can checkout all the stuff we made at the link here. We call them "plunks".
Some of the plunks include:

  • lottery — Get a random image from You can see a lot of fun and freaky stuff on there. Good if you want to make it a drinking game!
  • bpm tapper — Get a tempo of a song you're listening to by tapping on the pink circle. Useful if you want a quick BPM analysis if you're into music production.
  • plunkboard — A keyboard made entirely in CSS which you can play with your mouse.
  • greentext generator — Generate greentexts with this tool. Useful if you don't want to go to 4chan to create a post, but just want to create a simple greentext.



A small business venture designed to help people stuck with a dying car battery.


My first car had some electrical issues and so I bought a jumpstarter, as a way to get me unstuck whenever I needed a jumpstart. This way I didn't rely on the kindness of strangers, but it did cost quite a penny. Then I thought about people in similar situations and thought I could make a smaller income by offering my jumpstarter to other people that had electrical issues, or a dying car battery.