Officially part of the 1MB club!
29 Oct 2021

This whole website is made of a few lines of HTML, CSS and a bit of JQuery. The biggest chunk of the content here are images — at the time of writing, 64.62% are image files. The total size of the website seems to be at 134.6KB. The landing page loads in less than 1 second.

So, I submitted my website to be a part of the 1MB Club. Hoping to keep it small and optimal.

I made a wallpaper using my car as a subject
19 Oct 2021

Fiat Stilo for Mobile Fiat Stilo for Desktop

Look how cute this is! I got the idea for this just this morning. My car is really recognizable on the parking lot, so I felt like it deserves a wallpaper or two.

I did a couple of mobile versions and a full HD version for my laptop screen.

For anyone interested, this is a Fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD.

It lives!
12 Oct 2021

I finally got around to creating a special place for my thoughts, project updates, ongoing stuff and other. This website is completely written in vanilla HTML, CSS and JS. It's hosted on Firebase. I can't say I'm an expert on either of these languages, but so far I've done the landing page, my resume page and this blog page.

I am thinking I need a Projects page as well. So, that's next on the to-do list.